Her name is Jack. She has an axe. She is Jack Axe. Join the Jack sisters in a single or multiplayer, 2D open world adventure! Take on a variety of platforming challenges and utilize your axe tossing ability to explore Jack’s unique world. Witness the saga of a young woman breaking taboo by arming herself and taking on a “man’s job,” despite the protestations of an irate god in this Norse/Filipino fusion.


  • Explore a Norse-Filipino Fantasy Fusion.

  • Take Girl Power To The Next Level (And The Level After That) With Axe Tossing Goodness.

  • Use Jack’s Axe To Perform Incredible Platforming Feats.

  • Play With Up To Four Players In a Campaign and Party Modes.

  • Enjoy a story written by Bari and Melai Silvestre and their 3 imaginative daughters.

  • Prove That Girls Do It Better.


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